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Igniting the minds of our clients and content lovers everywhere. We have a serious interest in creating a plethora of original promotional material.

EYEROCMEDIA is a design and video production company that thrives on original, creative and passionate ideas for our clients and the community of content creators everywhere. Eyeroc started in 2010, shooting editorial work for magazine companies and branched off of the directing of photography into film making but survives on the developing of video promotional material.

Eyeroc makes a point to satisfy each client by practicing an on-time on-budget video production service of the entire. Fulfilling your needs of creating industry standard marketing material. We love creating photo & video content.

Be original, our ideas will set the bar.

The Eyeroc Way.

Right direction
The evolution of content will be the direction we focus on. So the originality of the types of ideas is key
Clients’ love
Eyeroc is defined by its professional originality and attention to content evolution
Remote on-set production
Nothing beats being able to view your project remotely from your desk.
Every returning client consistently receives discounts and no-cost collaboration benefits
What are your typical turn-around times?
Other than our minimum 3 week first draft deadline, turn around times are based on project demand and client deadlines. Rush fees are only applied to projects when and greater production demand over shorter periods of time
How do you all separate yourself from other media companies
Our approach to originality is what we value. Of course there are other who are original but offering a full service for promotions and campaigns that involves more than just camera work, but also illustration, compositing and logo animation sets us apart and yet again with original ideas
How are you able to satisfy clients who are not locally based?
We offer the ability to remote check-in on all projects using remote software. You are updated in real-time and see how production is going as we are active.
Do you have a refund policy?
A percentage of each project is funded with the help of the client's initial deposit. That deposit is typically non-refundable but in the case of unfortunate events and the agreed upon contract
Are you able to do small budget projects?
We work on projects with any budget. We exercise the same approached to originality no matter the budget. The budget determines what sort of resources and available talent we have access to for the project. We understand the need to cut as many expenses as possible when working with a smaller budget, but that will not be apparent in the quality of our work.
Do you collaborate with individuals or other companies?
We never hesitate in our support for our community and collaborate on projects and we never lose sight of our main mission: serving our clients. Our job is to always make it easy for clients to do business with us and strive not only to meet their needs.

Become Known By believing in originality.

We are brainstorming towards the best ideas

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