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CASTING IS NOW OPEN for the Feature Film, Delphi City

Delphi City is a reimagined vampire origin story about the arrival of vampires amongst humans. Stories unfold about a violent vendetta between two cities, a growing partnership and a love story, at the same time exposing the social issues of discrimination and hate crimes.

The story begins

A young vampire blames himself after getting tangled with a dangerous mafia that causes the death of his brother. Believing that he was the cause of his brother’s murder he spirals into isolation and guilt, spending his time trying to rebuild his life. When tragedy strikes and the life he once had comes back knocking at his door, he and an infamous bounty hunter seek justice after discovering the true history of vampires and their latent abilities.

Story Synopsis

Hundreds of years ago, people with a heavy sensitivity to sunlight, sharp fangs and immune to most human diseases began to spawn from a rare birth defect hidden within certain human genomes. Years after learning how to coexist with humans, hatred towards them started to erupt and the city of Delphi was created to give them a place of refuge that caters specifically to their species. Vampires are allowed in Alpha, the advanced city, but only if they follow the rules of blending in with humans. Most vampires would never choose to reside there, while some would do anything to be a part of Alpha. In Delphi, they have created a retro culture from the discarded and abandoned trash left behind by Alpha after they migrated and developed a new city. The city is in love ith their most famous sports franchise, The UV Games. MALCOLM and his brother’s talent in UV fighting draws the wrong attention of a few human gamblers after “hustling” them and beating their prize fighter. The humans catch up with Malcolm’s brother afterwards, feeling tricked and humiliated, beat him and inevitably kill him. After the death of his brother, Malcolm falls into a deep depression blaming himself and going into isolation that would last for years. Over the years the city’s cultural strength began to weaken, falling under fascist rule ran by corrupt politicians and the city’s kingpin, THE TROOPER. Crime becomes progressively more frequent as the city falls into despair and poverty. Public displays of forcible suppression and murder extract a great deal of pride and hope from the colorful city. Malcolm finds himself obsessed with stories of vampire conspiracies that he uses to justify their suffering. Malcolm’s friend, TRAVIS, a middle aged bounty-hunter brings Malcolm convincing evidence about the men who may be responsible for his brother’s death. The evidence eventually motivates him to build his life once again, going back into Delphi and being a part of the culture. Malcom’s hacker friend, SYX, discovers classified files that reveal the true history of vampires and their rituals, confirming one of Malcolm’s conspiracy theories. She uses a ritual to activate Malcolm’s genes and their latent abilities. After getting used to his abilities, they give him hope in the possibility of pursuing justice.

However, now that the people of the city is on the brink of total take-over by their sister city Alpha District, whose only purpose is to gain control over the energy that powers Delphi City, Malcolm, Travis and Syx will have to stand up to the powers that are in control, if they want to save their city.

Syx, a young tech expert with something to prove in a dangerous city, whose talents lead her to a once-in-a-lifetime discovery

Travis- Middle-aged bounty hunter and human-friend of Malcolm’s. Catches criminals who are in violation of hate crimes against vampires.¬† Wants to get Malcolm back into the city life and be there to motivate the city again.

Trooper, A brute and a tyrannical kingpin of the city wants to redeem the promise of being accepted again into Alpha city, but he must first assist them in ushering in the one world order that involves taking over Delphi and the energy it produces from its grid. He will do whatever it takes to redeem that promise 

Alpha District, A rich and tech advanced city that governs and polices Delphi. Wants to take over the energy that powers Delphi city.  Major political decisions come from within Alpha but are often not in favor of Delphi residents. Promised Trooper that he would be accepted back into Alpha.

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